Welcoming our first Surinamese client

Welcoming our first Surinamese client

It is with pleasure that all of us at Astra Consulting Malta welcome a new member to our family of clientele.

Our first client from Suriname has joined forces with the other 21 nationalities that we serve, offering up exciting prospects for Suriname entrepreneurs across the country to set up business in Malta.

Suriname is the smallest independent country in the whole of South America. With a history of political dispute and Guerilla warfare during the latter half of the 20th century, this small but mighty country has worked hard to shake off the shackles of its previously poor economic climate and become the industrious and cosmopolitan nation it is today.

However, despite the progress that has been made, this country still suffers from the highly interventionist procedures taken by the government to improve the state of the economy. Quota restrictions or outright bans on imported items, and forced price roll-backs have heavily impacted wholesale, retail and foreign trade.

Whilst business may still be hard in Suriname, working with Astra Consulting Malta allows aspiring Suriname entrepreneurs to save money from tax refunds of up to 30% under the Maltese tax system, whilst also making them eligible for a corporate tax rate of only 5% – this compares to a standard corporate income tax rate of 36% in Suriname!

So sit back, relax and let us take care of the paperwork! From registration to bookkeeping, we offer a service that takes a long view of business plans, ensuring your company the best chances of success. With years of experience behind us we can help set up your business quickly and efficiently in the most cost-effective way.

Start your journey to success today with Astra Consulting Malta. Visit our contact page to discuss the benefits and opportunities of doing business in Malta.


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