Closing and liquidation of a company in Malta

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Closing and liquidation of a company in Malta

You have decided to close your Maltese company.

It could be you no longer need your Maltese company or that the purpose of your business based in Malta has now been completed or changed. Perhaps financially it doesn’t make sense to maintain a company in Malta anymore or maybe you have simply decided to retire. Whatever the reason, there are rules governing the closure and procedures to be followed before you can successfully close and liquidate your Malta company.

We help you close your company by keeping everything simple and easy, ensuring everything progresses as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Based on our experience, most non-resident shareholders ask for a voluntary liquidation of their Maltese company for one of the reasons stated above. To do so, the shareholders must pass a resolution to liquidate the company; the process is then relatively straightforward provided the rules and procedures are adhered to.

We help you with all the paperwork required, appoint an auditor for you and, in turn, someone to liquidate the company.

We work with you throughout the liquidation process

With everything done correctly, all the required paperwork presented on time and with no complications you should expect complete company closure in around three to four months. The process includes:

  • Within 14 days of the decision to close the Maltese company, a submission with the required paperwork must be made to the Registry of Companies
  • All of the company’s financials must be audited up to the date of liquidation including annual returns to the Registry of Companies if needed
  • An auditor must be appointed to finalise the accounts and the liquidation accounts are prepared and submitted
  • Any pending balances due to VAT, tax or the registry of companies or any outstanding fines due must be settled for liquidation to proceed.VAT numbers, bank accounts and any assets need to be liquidated and liabilities such as outstanding tax payments need to be settled
  • The liquidation notice is published in the local newspaper
  • If the company employs people in Malta it will need to deregister with social security
  • Application to the Registry of Companies will be removed from the company’s register and an application made to the inland revenue for a tax clearance certificate

Let us help you close your Maltese company. We will guide you through the procedures and work closely with you to ensure liquidation is stress-free and completed as quickly as possible.

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