Planning To Set Up International Company In Malta? Turn To Experts

Planning To Set Up International Company In Malta? Turn To Experts

With better economic and industrial developments across all sectors in the world, you are inundated with a number of career options and opportunities.

Malta has opportunities for jobs, professions and employ-ability.

Thousands of people across the world go overseas for better career opportunities. However, there are times when people need guidance and assistance as it is generally not very easy to get into the foreign atmosphere until you have someone there who knows you. There are people who seek to go abroad but land themselves in a confused state, how to do, what are the procedures and other hundreds of questions begin to haunt them.

Nonstop developments in all industries in our complicated society have provided people with career opportunities. Young aspiring businessmen want proper guidance to make their dreams come true.

We are Astra Consulting Malta, an established consultancy group that offers assistive services for those who seek to make Malta their professional destination or who simply plan to spend their vacation in the Maltese Islands.

In other words, if you are planning to fly to Malta, consult with us as our experts would aid you right from obtaining Maltese visa to acquiring permanent citizenship.

We specialize in providing you with procedural assistance for obtaining visas, getting career opportunities and finding accommodation. We offer guidance about the pertinent things in all sectors; construction, economics, law, public affairs or education. It always makes sense to seek professional consultation and guidance before going to an area you are unfamiliar with. Located in the soothing arm of The Mediterranean Sea, Malta has turned into one of the most visited holiday destinations on Earth.

Our consultancy services will certainly help you obtain the Maltese visa and citizenship.

You may want to enjoy the Island with your loved ones or may have plans to settle in Malta forever, whatever the case may be; we will help you achieve your goals. Today Malta offers a number of career opportunities in several sectors as stated above such as construction, law, education, economics and others.

We will get you opportunities through our specialist assistance. Additionally, we will help you find comfortable and affordable accommodation in compliance with all the required amenities.

If you have plans to set up your corporate business on the Island, do contact us as we will take care of everything: like company setup procedures, bookkeeping compliances, tax returns, accountants’ services, international company setup, offshore company setup and other general corporate services.

For individuals, we help with The Maltese ID card, bank accounts, accommodation, book keeping, VAT returns, Income Tax returns, registrations with all official bodies. Call us or visit our offices for more details.


We open your company in Malta in 2 to 5 working days.


We keep things simple so you understand the process.


We are easy to deal with and always available for you.