Greek businesses are moving to Malta

Greek businesses are moving to Malta

It is with pleasure that all of us at Astra Consulting Malta welcome a new member to our family of clientele.

Our first Greek individual client has joined forces with the other 20 nationalities that we serve, offering up exciting prospects for Greek entrepreneurs across the country to set up business in Malta.

In the recent political and economic climate of Greece it is no surprise that Malta offers Greek businesses a safer environment for growth and progression. Despite the recent submission to reforms, the Greek market place remains constrained and unstable. Banks function with limited capacities, the stock market is closed and the ban on all inbound and outbound monetary transfers is crippling for businesses. After a five-year period of avoiding to meet promised reforms in Greece, it seems unlikely that any business will experience growth in this barren economy.

By setting up business with Astra Consulting Malta, aspiring Greek entrepreneurs are given a way out of this economic climate.

From registration to bookkeeping, we offer a service that takes a long view of business plans, ensuring your company the best chances of success. With years of experience behind us we can help set up your business quickly and efficiently in the most cost-effective way.

Start your journey to success today with Astra Consulting Malta. Visit our contact page to discuss the benefits and opportunities of doing business in Malta.


We open your company in Malta in 2 to 5 working days.


We keep things simple so you understand the process.


We are easy to deal with and always available for you.