Consultancy Services For Malta

Consultancy Services For Malta

Welcome to Astra Consulting Malta!

We are a consultancy company that offers various services for career opportunities, personal immigration or business trips to Malta.

We are dedicated professionals working with a large number of expatriates who seek to make Malta their home either for work or simply to live and enjoy the picturesque places that Malta has to offer.

A holiday destination for about 1.2 million tourists from across the globe, Malta has become one of the must-visit islands. We feel proud of being an organization that offers consultancy support and services to anyone heading towards the Maltese Island.

Situated in the Mediterranean Sea, the Maltese Island is one of the most attractive holiday destinations across the world, welcoming people from all over to enjoy the natural attractions of the Island. It doesn’t matter if you are here for business or pleasure, every person who comes to Malta will leave with a wealth of memories. The scenery is unmatched and the atmosphere is like nothing else you will ever experience.

Got plans to visit the Island? Just phone us.

We will help you through the process of gaining access to the Maltese visa as well as citizenship. You may want to see the Island with your family or start a profession with your business partners, whatever the case may be, we offer you assistance services.

What we do is provide you with the procedural support for acquiring a visa, finding and taking up career opportunities, finding accommodation and complying with legal requirements.

People come from all over the world come to Malta for better career opportunities, making personal and professional growth in a number of sectors such as construction, law, education, economics etc.

We help them get through the procedures for tax returns, company startups, bookkeeping compliance, accountant services in Malta, international company setup and offshore company setup.

We offer service packages at individual and corporate levels. If you are an individual, we provide services for obtaining a Maltese ID card, opening a bank account, finding accommodation, bookkeeping, VAT returns, income tax returns, registrations with the concerned authorities for those who are self-employed and correspondence with all official bodies.

For corporate houses/business entities, we support and help you through the process of setting up and registration of companies, opening company bank accounts, registration with all concerned authorities, bookkeeping, payroll services, VAT returns, income tax returns, interim finance management and more.

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We open your company in Malta in 2 to 5 working days.


We keep things simple so you understand the process.


We are easy to deal with and always available for you.