Astra Consulting Malta – Welcoming Entrepreneurs From All Over The World

Astra Consulting Malta – Welcoming Entrepreneurs From All Over The World

It is with pleasure that all of us at Astra Consulting Malta welcome some new members to our family of clients.

Our first clients from Brazil and South Africa have joined forces with the other 21 nationalities that we serve, offering up exciting prospects for even more entrepreneurs across the world to set up their businesses in Malta.

Whilst Brazil is crowned the world’s seventh largest economy, there is no denying that there are some distinct disadvantages to setting up business in this country. Insufficient infrastructure, poor public services and many concerns surrounding corruption, the management of Public Finance and Regulatory Efficiency are just a few of the issues within this economy. By setting up business in Malta, our client has avoided these problems and successfully set up shop in a country where they have been welcomed into a diverse and multicultural open market – not to mention the undeniable charm and beauty of our island’s way of life.

By comparison, South Africa offers an equally disadvantaged option for entrepreneurs. With an economy that is even larger than Brazil’s (the second largest in Africa, in fact) South Africa’s economic success in providing trade freedom comes at a high price. With the top personal income taxes rated at 41% and top corporate taxes at 28%, Malta’s effective corporate tax rate of 5% (achieved through tax refunds) is decisively better for business owners… It really is a no-brainer!

If you live in a different country and you’re thinking about setting up business in Malta then we can help you too!

Not only will we help you with the initial paperwork, but we can also help you build a long term plan for your business to ensure you company the best chances of success – so you can relax on the beach whilst we deal with all those pesky phone calls!

Make the most of your business and start your journey to success today, with Astra Consulting Malta.


We open your company in Malta in 2 to 5 working days.


We keep things simple so you understand the process.


We are easy to deal with and always available for you.