Running a Maltese company: bookkeeping, accounts, VAT returns…

Running a Maltese company: bookkeeping, accounts, VAT returns…

Astra Consulting has many years of experience providing corporate services to international clients.

As a minimum, a Malta Company needs one director, a company secretary and a registered office.

Under Maltese law, a Malta Company must have a registered address in Malta. We of course can provide that for you. Alternatively, we can arrange for a lease or purchase of office accommodation if that is preferable.

Even though you may not reside in Malta, you can choose to be the company director. However, a local director can assist with the management and control of the company in Malta which would include dealing with the local authorities such as the VAT and Tax departments.

Appointing us as your local director has many obvious advantages including local expertise, ease of communication with the Maltese authorities, proving substance in Malta and most import of all, peace of mind.

A company secretary has to be an individual rather than a corporate entity. The company secretary has considerable corporate and legal responsibilities including minutes of meetings, keeping appropriate records and ensuring all returns and documents are delivered on time and in accordance with regulations. By acting as your company secretary we take these pressures away from you.

We also help with your company’s financials. Let us look after the:

  • Bookkeeping
  • VAT returns
  • Tax returns
  • Accounts
  • Audit
  • Tax reclaims

Astra Consulting can provide the full range of support services to ensure your company remains compliant both financially and legally.

Our team will take care of the monthly accounting, the quarterly VAT returns and prepare your accounts for audit as well as providing you with financial statements when you need them.

We will liaise with the Maltese Inland Revenue for your tax reclaim and ensure everything is in order for the rebate to be paid as quickly as possible.

If your Maltese company is employing people in Malta we can help with registering them with the relevant employment authorities. We will run your company payroll so your employees are paid and that the correct social security and tax is deducted and paid on time.

Quick, simple, easy.


We open your company in Malta in 2 to 5 working days.


We keep things simple so you understand the process.


We are easy to deal with and always available for you.