Astra Consulting Malta offers an extensive range of services for individuals and businesses, helping them get their money and papers in order with personalised advice from our qualified professionals.

Individual Services

We work closely with individuals from other countries who choose Malta as their residence or as a base to launch their business activity.

Our team will assists you every step of the way: from finding the ideal accommodation for yourself and your family, to filling all the documentation required to have your commercial venture up and running in the shortest amount of time possible. Or you could go work on your tan at the beach while we deal with all the pesky phone calls and paperwork if you prefer.

Corporate Services

Astra Consulting Malta has provided a large number of local and international companies based with all the guidance they needed to sort out all their documentation, financial and management requirements to set up shop in Malta.

Our professionals will liaise with the local authorities, ensuring that your requests are duly processed in accordance to your needs.

We ensure that all the structures for your business to operate smoothly and profitably are locked in place. When it’s time to take your company to the next level, we’ll offer advice on how to secure the investment funding you need and successfully expand your activities to markets in the EU and elsewhere.